Hello, welcome and let's go!

I'm an artist who has been an arts educator, primarily, for the past 24 years. Many good years, with students who inspired and altered me in innumerable ways.


As an educator, you necessarily filter your personal thoughts and politics so that you do not disrupt or unduly influence your charges (and can survive in the marketplace). I no longer wish to edit myself to be that palatable (or employable) version of myself. 


Now, my desire is to return to my roots, to follow my creative muse wherever that takes me. I have chosen to leave my teaching career to dedicate myself to a creative life.

I have an interest in making music, video, theatre and visual art in a variety of media. I want to write - in every form. I am passionate about our environment, animal rights and social justice. I want to give voice here to what is, and has been, going on inside my head.

Welcome to Lara Out Loud.